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As the financial markets partner of the NSW Government, TCorp works in partnership across the NSW Government family to improve financial outcomes.

We connect our own technical expertise with the best of the public and private sectors to deliver financial solutions which make an impact and benefit the people of NSW.


TCorp is the central borrowing authority for the NSW Government and is responsible for managing the state’s funding programme and lending to NSW public sector entities.

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Investment management

As the NSW Government’s fund manager, TCorp provides NSW Government agencies and other eligible clients with investment opportunities to grow their financial assets.

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Financial risk management

TCorp works with clients to identify and mitigate financial risks through tailored advice.

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Is your organisation eligible?

All GSF agencies holding an appropriate financial arrangements approval as defined in the Government Sector Finance Act 2018 are eligible to borrow from or invest with TCorp.

Loan facilities are available to NSW local councils that satisfy TCorp’s credit criteria.

Financial expertise

We have broad expertise across the financial markets backed by a 30-year track record of successfully delivering for our clients and the state of NSW.


A genuine partner in success

Like you, our major stakeholder is the New South Wales Government, so you can be confident that our interests are aligned with yours. We’re passionate about getting great outcomes for New South Wales by delivering our clients the best financial markets can offer.

Specialised solutions

TCorp’s investment solutions are specifically designed to work within government parameters, and suit the financial needs and risk tolerance of our clients.


Cost effective

Our centralised operational model generates economies of scale, which allows us to provide cost-effective products and services.

Debt management

TCorp’s debt management services offer government entities strategic guidance and effective solutions to optimise borrowing costs, manage debt portfolios, and ensure long-term financial stability.

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Investment management

TCorp’s investment management services provide government entities with expert guidance and tailored strategies to maximize returns, mitigate risks, and align investment portfolios with their financial goals and values.

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Financial and risk advice

TCorp’s financial and risk advice empowers government entities with strategic insights, recommendations, and risk management expertise, enabling them to make informed financial decisions and safeguard their long-term financial stability.

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Financial markets risk management

TCorp’s financial markets risk management solutions equip government entities with comprehensive strategies and tools to identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with volatile financial markets, ensuring effective management of market-related risks and preserving the financial health of their portfolios.

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Benefits of partnering with TCorp


Financial expertise

We have deep technical expertise in financial markets, backed by a 40-year track record of delivering to our clients and the state of NSW.

A genuine partner

Like you, our major stakeholder is the NSW Government, and our goal is the same as yours – to enable the NSW Government to deliver on its promises for the ultimate benefit of the people of NSW.

Tailored advice

We manage both sides of the state’s balance sheet so we see the whole financial picture and can advise our clients accordingly on the solution which most appropriately suits their needs.




Our scale provides our clients with access to a much broader set of opportunities and our centralised operating model allows us to provide cost-effective solutions.


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TCorp pays respect to the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of NSW and acknowledges their continued connection to country and culture.