Local councils

TCorp offers loan facilities to NSW local councils seeking funding for projects which make up part of their annual expenditure programme. Loan facilities at competitive rates are available to councils who qualify, or have an approved plan in place to qualify, under the NSW Government’s financial sustainability benchmarks and satisfy TCorp’s credit criteria.

We offer fixed rate amortising loans for terms between 3 and 20 years with quarterly or semi-annual repayments.

Benefits of borrowing from TCorp

Competitive interest rates

The funding task of the state of NSW is centralised under TCorp, which delivers economies of scale to the NSW public sector.


TCorp loans can be tailored to meet the various borrowing needs of our clients.

Expert team

TCorp’s lending team assists clients with the creation and ongoing management of their debt portfolios.

How to borrow

For local councils that satisfy TCorp’s credit criteria the process for setting up a loan is:
  1. Contact the TCorp Local Government Services team to discuss your requirements.
  2. Read the Loan facilities guidelines for local councils
  3. Complete the Loan facility application form and submit it to TCorp, along with the required documentation.

Services for Local Councils

Describes the services offered by TCorp to local councils.

Loan Facility Application Form

Use this application form to apply for a local council loan from TCorp.

Client Portal Access Form

Complete this form to register for access to the TCorp Client Portal.

Loan Facilities Guidelines

These guidelines provide the policy framework and outline the application procedures for local councils seeking to borrow funds from TCorp.

Loan Facility Drawdown Procedures

Describes the drawdown procedures (after completion of all documentary formalities).

Account Opening Form

Complete this form before Council’s first transaction with TCorp.

TCorp pays respect to the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of NSW and acknowledges their continued connection to country and culture.