TCorpIM Funds

Benefits of partnering with TCorp

Alignment with our clients

TCorp is the only organisation that creates investment solutions exclusively for the NSW Government family. We understand the risk profile and goals of our clients and have designed our solutions accordingly. Our experienced team understands risk, designs and manages investment strategies in order to meet our shared goal of delivering to the people of NSW.

Strong performance track record

TCorp has been managing investments for clients for more than 30 years across different market cycles. Our risk-based investment approach means our clients have met their investment objectives over the long term and have avoided large drawdowns in times of market volatility and dislocation.

Risk-based investment approach

TCorp’s approach is aligned to each client’s risk appetite and seeks to maximise diversification using a risk model. It generates additional returns for clients for the same level of risk and sets a strong foundation for managing future risks. This approach leads to improved risk-adjusted investment outcomes over the long term which means clients can meet their goals.

Cost-effective solutions

As a top 10 investment manager in Australia, TCorp passes on its scale benefits to clients which means its investment management fees are highly competitive compared with the commercial world.

TCorpIM Funds performance

TCorpIM Funds Offer Document

TCorpIM Funds

TCorp operates 3 TCorpIM Funds, each offering a different risk and return profile.

Key details


TCorpIM Funds Strategy Minimum suggested timeframe Investment risk
Short Term Income Fund To provide relatively stable returns with low potential for capital loss, and benchmark outperformance over longer time periods. 1.5 – 3 years Low to medium
Medium Term Growth Fund To provide a balanced exposure to growth and defensive assets, with medium return potential over the medium term and with moderate risk of negative annual returns. 5 or more years Medium to high
Long Term Growth Fund To provide high exposure to growth assets, with high return potential over the long term, with a high risk of negative annual returns. 10 or more years High

TCorp pays respect to the Traditional Custodians and First Peoples of NSW and acknowledges their continued connection to country and culture.